It delights us to announce that multi-ethnic writer and director Jonathan Libman will direct our production of ROSE COLORED GLASS.

Born and raised in New York City, his plays include Accidents Waiting to Happen, Please Leave the Light On, The Metro Section, The Men Upstairs, Self-Generated Friction, The Haitian Sensation, Shall I Fetch the Apparatus and other one acts. 
Recently Johnathan has been directing THE MUSHROOM CURE written and performed by Adam Strauss at The Cherry Lane Theater.
“I am usually interested in stories and characters who get overlooked, marginalised or worse. I will never ignore or deprive character of their essence and language because that is their in my lifehood,”.
We cannot wait to see what Johnathan does with our production of Sue Bigelow and Janice L. Goldberg’s Rose Colored Glass in July 2020.



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