“Given that 85 percent of U.S. counties are home to some number of incarcerated individuals, it’s likely that most of our nation’s theatres are close to at least one correctional facility. In those facilities about two thirds of the incarcerated are people of color. As theatres work to diversify their audiences along lines of income and ethnicity, a growing percentage of those attendees will have a personal connection to mass incarceration, opening up new opportunities for relevance to communities. In short there seems to be great room and reason to expand this field of work.” – American Theatre


This quote among many show the incredible impact theatre can make.   As Ripple Effect Artists approaches its 6th annual gala, I, as founder, reflect on just how powerful theatre can be for the human condition.  It is theatre from Shakespeare, Chekhov, and the recent masters that cause audiences to look within, discover our own falsehoods, perceive people, life, and situations differently and therefore, create a shift.  Or as we say–A Ripple Effect.   While often seen as frivolous, we say it is crucial.  And we have devised a way in which it can be–using theatre to raise awareness and funds for societal issues.


And after 10 years, we continue to create ripples….


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