Spotlight on our First Board Member–Cindy Fahay!



Cindy Fahay brings a diverse background of education and professional expertise  to the Board of REA. With an MS degree from the University of Massachusetts, Cindy was employed by NOAANMFS in 1971 where she participated in off-shore research expeditions and co-authored several peer-reviewed manuscripts for ten years. In 1981 she joined The McGraw Hill Company as a research analyst and worked her way up the ladder using her sales and science skills to one of the VPs of The McGraw Hill Company. Nineteen years later she joined a non-profit independent school where she taught Language Arts and English Literature to Middle School students for eight years. Cindy is currently retired and living in Maine and is thrilled and proud to be a member of the REA Board since the company’s inception nine years ago.
“Ripple Effect” as it applies to Ripple Effect Artists means creating a movement by simply touching one person, who will touch another, who will touch another until many of the world’s inhabitants have been touched by the importance of the advocacy work that we do at REA. With our theater arts productions that revolve around social issues, we touch more than one person at a time. Because theater is audience driven, we end up touching many with our thought provoking productions and our advocacy programs. Therefore using theater as an art form to generate action as an advocacy forum.

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