Spotlight on Ripple Effect Artists Board President–Jessica Jennings

JJ Square

A ‘ripple effect’ is created by a point of impact, energy that shifts the area around it.  It may start small, but causes waves of change far beyond where it began.  To me, this is about one good idea that causes other good ideas; or one conversations that keeps going, that’s picked up by other people in the room.  This Season at Ripple Effect Artists we are leveraging theatre and film projects to look deeply at issues of Climate Change.  And our art is already impacting my own life.  Issues of ‘waste’ are resonating with me, so I am taking steps to reduce one-use plastics in my life.  A year ago I replaced my son’s disposable straws with reusable, composting bamboo straws. I refuse plastic bags more than ever, and I won’t use a coffee lid if I’m sitting to drink at a cafe. Next: I just ran out of saram-wrap, so I found a a product called Beeswrap that I’m going to purchase; and in the near future I will be trying my hand at compost – which is terrifying so please help me!  These are small steps for a woman, but if everyone got present to their waste and rejected one-use plastic we could cripple the industry and make the sort of drastic overhaul that the planet deserves.


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