Holidays are here…and what will Santa do without a North Pole?!



As we embark on our theatrical season addressing climate change, some research has been done.   In watching Al Gore’s sequel, there are some enlightening facts that we now have realized we cannot ignore.   Over the past decade, hurricanes in New York, Houston, Florida, and other locations across the globe have taught us that sea levels are on the rise due to massive heating of structures that were once ice.   And in the U.S., we still have an administration that vastly opposes taking any action towards this crisis.

Watch this HERE!


Some facts to consider:




With the facts above, what are the next best steps?

With Ripple Effect Artists’ Production of 2071 and our partnership with, we are committed to creating a safe and healthy planet for future generations–for no other reason than it is OUR FAULT.

This Holiday season, we at Ripple Effect Artists charge consumers with engaging in activities that can reduce our CO2 emissions.   These include:

Taking Trains


Give LED lights as Christmas Gifts!

Give a tree to plant as a Christmas Gift!

To learn more about our Carbon Footprint, give this a look!




Stay educated and give our future generations the GIFT of a healthy planet.


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