Spotlight on our upcoming Stage Manager…

Stephen Miller Headshot

Stephen is thrilled to be working with Ripple Effect and the incredible team working with 2071. Stephen directing and produced “The Cover of Life” by R.T.Robinson – Off-Broadway. Production Stage Manager for “Blood Boundary” by Vicki Mooney – Off Broadway  Other credits include: Production Stage Manager – Into the Woods, Annie, Pirate’s – a musical, Macbeth, and Murder’s in the Heir.   Stephen is thrilled to be working with Ripple effect for so many reasons, including but not limited to the ability to bring theater to life to share an important message of change and art with those that may not have an opportunity to experience this. The world is always going to be changing, and we are part of the problem, reason or example that change can be for the better or for the worse. Ripple Effect has a strong connection that I believe in, within the exploration of charity, and how we are able to share what we have for others whether in our professional lives or personal. Ripple Effect is an inspiration because of the team that is involved to make Ripple effect possible, along with sharing this vision and message with the entire world at large. 


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