Spotlight on Actor Tim Dowd!


Tim Dowd is a New York based actor, writer, producer and board recognized lord of the geeks. He has worked with most recently with Shakespeare and Company, The Pearl Theater and Greenbriar Valley Theater. He has performed in dozens of fight scenes, including several with lightsabers. In addition to his theatrical work is the founder of Plan Z Productions, an independent film company currently in post production for “Threeway” their first feature film.  Favorite roles include: Romeo (Romeo & Juliet), Benedict (Much Ado About Nothing), Bottom (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) CB (Dog Sees God), Adam (North to Maine) and R (R+J). 

Tim’s Statement on the upcoming production of GUARDING THE BRIDGE:
   Sadly, race relations are seemingly an ever present issue in our country and the world at large. As a child of the 90’s from the North East I was raised on the notion that we were in a “Post Racial” america. That we had come through the civil rights movement and everything was all done. It didn’t take long into adolescence to realize that, that was blindly wishful thinking. Just because Jim Crow and systemic segregation had been outlawed didn’t mean that segregation and discrimination had not found more elaborate and harder to observe methods. We as a society patted ourselves on the back for not saying racial slurs on television which allowed us to turn a blind eye to fear, hatred and insecurity in our own hearts. I think that this play examines and questions the overt racism of the past and how it was the forefathers of the more insidious racism of the modern era. It’s a piece that makes us look at the darkness in all of our hearts, and the first solution to any problem, is admitting there is one.

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Jan 26

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